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Do you and the serks live together, or close to each other? Do you live in a dorm or anything like that? o.o

We rent out a student house near my university. These houses are hug, and are made specifically for students [rent is lower than you would find for houses these big, down the street from the university, and your neighbors are 90% other students]. This is the layout, sizes are a bit off cuz im bad at that kind of thing.

Austin lives at a university dorm, and due to his scholoarship, which pays for his dorm expenses, he has no need to live with us [otherwise we would all live together]

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Yoru, I have a question!! Why don't we hear too much about Blake's partner? Are they just not around as often? Also, tell Dei that his "fans" probably think he's just some Tsundere or something and will have a "sudden change of heart" when they first meet him. I want to see his reaction lmao.

There’s not really much to say about Rebecca. She’s amazing at cooking and the best at organizing plans and whatever, but whenever these two get ANYWHERE near each other in a room [which is often, mind you] IT’S LIKE THIS. EVERY.TIME.

Well, he actually said something along the lines of, “Why would you tr to change someone in the first place? If you’re not changing for them, why are you changing them? That’s bullshit, if you ask me”

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Yoru, how would you deal if you absolutely hated someone close to you in your family? My sister is everything I hate in people, she's horribly messy (She kept meat in a drawer in her room till it got moldy dude along with other food), she looks at furry porn and lolicon porn, she awkwardly forces video game knowledge at the public (Like pretending to be an Amnesia monster in public), she doesn't chew with her mouth closed along with not brushing her teeth... The list goes on. What should I do?

Or…Have you told her about how you feel? I would start with that. Maybe she doesn’t [somehow] see her behavior a little odd. If she ignores you or whatever, water squirt bottles are like 99 cents at Wal-Mart…